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we value your privacy, 2019

"A woman’s technological fear becomes her absurd reality" 

We enter an intense atmosphere of pursuit, in which smart house technology has taken over a woman’s life. Rhythmic electronic music plays the role of new technology and how it can become a tool of modern day oppression. The intimate relationship between music and movement creates an absurd environment consisting of looping, everyday movements with a twist of pop aesthetics. Body and sound mimic the precision of technological appliances, producing sharp movements. Everyday actions are taken out of the context of normality, and through repetition, result in an absurd and theatrical environment. As we watch her exist in this absurd reality, we become complicit in invading her privacy.

Project info: 

Concept: Kassiani Goulakou & Christina Themeli
Music: Kassiani Goulakou, Attik (edited by Kassiani Goulakou)

Choreography: Christina Themeli
Performance: Christina Themeli
Light Design: Nicolás SanMartin
Production: Fausto Mujica 

Filmed at Fahrbereitschaft Studios, Lichtenberg Berlin 

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