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Narration Zero, 2018

Narration Zero is a short film juxtaposing, reconstructing, and mixing the naturalistic acting and conventional sound effects of Greek radio drama with post internet aesthetics. Through appropriation and sampling, sound leads while image develops around it. Their interaction results into the construction of a dreamworld, where different spaces, characters and situations come together in order to transform into something new. Inspired by the theater of the absurd and Loula Anagnostaki’s work, the film aims to address reoccurring themes regarding the construction of the Greek national identity and explore the artistic possibilities of the Greek National Radio Drama Archive and online archives. 

Project Info

Concept / Sound: Kassiani Goulakou 

Video: Marios Pavlou

Screenings at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (November 2018) & SoundsAbout (February 2019) 

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