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Murmurs, 2020
fixed media composition

Murmurs is a fixed media composition exploring the artistic possibilities of the auscultation process and medical archives through the techniques of appropriation, recontextualization and mixed media. In that context, internal body sounds are sampled from digital and analog archives and transcribed as rhythmic patterns and melodic lines for percussion and wind instruments. Samples and transcriptions engage in an interplay between reality and abstraction, construction and fragmentation, recording technology and musical interpretation. The medical and mechanical ear transforms into a musical and personal ear that experiments with the human body as a recorded and transcribed revenant, explores the aesthetics of failure and constructs its own illness narrative.

Presented at University of Arts Berlin, MA Sound Studies and Sonic Arts as part of the MA thesis The Post - Digital Archive As Compositional Material, A Study on Medical Archives and Internal Body Sounds.

Research and Composition: Kassiani Goulakou
Flute, Trumpet, Alto and Tenor Saxophone: Fausto Mujica
Recorded and Mixed At Ribbontail, Berlin

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