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Based on Your Recent Activity, 2019
Android VR application, Smartphone, Google Cardboard, Headphones, Light, QR code

Based on your recent activity is an interactive android app for Google Cardboard. The application contains audio samples of online material which are triggered by the users’ head movement. The random activation of the samples constructs a space of paradoxes, reflecting the various everyday uses of browsing, the formation of online communities, the rising of neo-individualist dogma and neo-fascist elements. The samples are appropriated and decontextualized in order to create new meaning and content away from their original use.

Based on your recent activity is a free app based on cheap technology. It does not need a white cube gallery to exist, it can be accessed through any Android smartphone with gyroscope and operating system higher than 4.1. This technological appropriation aims to challenge the notions of artistic authority and ownership and explore the artistic possibilities of the app phenomenon.

Presented at SoundsAbout gallery as part of the group exhibition Let There Be Wifi 

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