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Achronisms, 2019
for piano and electronics

Achronisms is an original piece for piano and electronics. The composition uses elements of conventional piano playing, extended techniques and standard digital effects. Under the guidance of western classical music tradition, the elements interact with each other in an equal relationship, forming a balanced area between noise and melody. The sound of the piano is received through two cardioid microphones and its processed by Max Msp to create the above mentioned effects. It consists of three movements, each dealing with a different effect produced in Max Msp and performing technique. The first movement deals with the concept of virtuosity, ornaments and feedback. The second movement explores the relationship between effects produced inside the piano and the effect of flanging. The third movement focuses on sampling and performing with a MIDI controller as an extension of the piano. 

Composition: Kassiani Goulakou 

Performance: Kassiani Goulakou 

Photography: Fausto Mujica
Editing: Kassiani Goulakou, Fausto Mujica 

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